Go wine hunting at Hunter Valley

Wine Tasting in Hunter Valley, NSW

Hunter ValleyHunter Valley, also known as the Hunter Region is a region in New South Wales, Australia, extending roughly 12 Kilometres to 310 Kilometres north of Sydney. It contains the Hunter River which is actually at the root of moulding one of the largest river valleys on the NSW coast and is most commonly known for its wineries and coal industries.

So, what’s so great about hunter valley?
The place is famous for its vineyards and is home to mainly three distinct varieties of grape. Chardonnay, Semillon and Verdelho among the whites and Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvigonn and Merlot among the reds. Out of all these varieties the one which stands out the most and has come to be known as the iconic wine in the region is Semillon.

Places to stay in Hunter Valley:
If you are planning to go there and maybe stay over for the weekend (which you probably are since you are reading this article) then you are in luck, check out Hunter Valley Hotels for a good range of hotels in Hunter Valley. One of the most recommended one is Peppers Guest House. Picture a luxurious appointed estate set amongst rolling vineyards and native bushland just two hours’ drive from Sydney. A place where great food and wine provide the perfect recipe for relaxation. From taking bicycle trips around the vineyard to getting a couples’ massage, you name it and chances are, they’ll have it! The best part about this place is they have three very specific segments when comes exploring Hunter Valley which are SPA ANISE, WINE TOURS and DISCOVER HUNTER. They have one of the best Spas in all of Hunter Valley. It is a must visit if you are staying there. Secondly, WINE TOURS, which is something they rightly pride themselves upon. They have a large collection for you to choose from. Thirdly, DISCOVER HUNTER. This is where you get to explore the miles of Vineyards and soak in the photo frame sunsets while returning back.

It can get more than just a little tricky to book Hotels in Hunter Valley since this has become a very popular tourist spot for mainly all the great selection of wines it offers. Especially around autumn when you would probably get the best testing wines on this part of the Equator. So stop thinking and log on to the links above to know more about this place. For another alternative to booking rentals try booking.com