Nan Tiet Temple, Wollongong NSW

Nan Tiet TempleNan Tiet Temple, Wollongong NSW

While it comes to talk about best tourist spot of Wollongong the list must start with Nan Tiet Temple, though it is a Buddhist temple but its door is open for all religions, here anyone can come to visit and enjoy its view, art collection.

Specialty of Nan Tiet Temple

Nan Tien Temple, the largest temple of Southern Hemisphere is known as the “Southern Paradise” and here you can experience the fusion of eastern and western cultures, the convocations of modern and traditional ethos and ethnicity and the culture of local communities have also blended up here. Truly it is a heritage house and witness of different cultures and traditions. At the time of Buddha’s birthday celebration baby blessings day is organized every year where the newborn babies are blessed for prosperous, healthy life and wisdom. can give you more information on the place.

The temple is located at Berkeley, the suburb of Wollongong that is situated at New South Wales.       It was awarded as the best tourist attraction spot of South Wales and it is also renowned for its view. It does not only manifest Buddhism but also invites education institutions as well as social organization to build up a better society. In the background of the temple you can only view natural rocks, it seems God has adorned the backdrop with his own creation, and undoubtedly the existence of the rocks enhances its look. The mirrored gallery, wishing ponds exist here as added ornamentation. After visiting the place you will be undoubtedly blessed with enhanced spirit and the freshness of the place will also help you to rejuvenate your mental condition. Before visiting the place for acquiring more knowledge about the place visit their official site or talk to the executives for avoiding any future hassle.

Hotels in Wollongong 

Wollongong is the ideal place to stay if you plan on staying overnight to visit the temple. Book accommodation in Wollongong according to your budget or provides a good selection. After visiting the Buddhist temple you can check into Claremont Hotel to stay in same sort of vibe, where you can also get the facility of being pampered into their spa. The charm of old world and the comfort of the modern world are combined here, starting from spacious suit for families to roomy room for individuals, here you can find any sort of room according to your requirements. For checking availability and to available offers you can visit their official website.